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Latest News

Remote work really does mean longer days — and more meetings

Those who sense that this grand experiment in working from home comes with plenty of downsides — longer days, more meetings and more email to answer — are now backed up by data.

Disney revenue, hit by pandemic, fell by more than $8 billion last quarter

The company said that the much-delayed release of “Mulan” will be on Disney Plus in the United States, a major strategy switch in response to the pandemic.

Soccer players coughing at opponents could be sent off

Footballers who deliberately cough towards an opponent could receive a red card under new Covid-19 guidelines published by the English Football Association (FA).

The soccer match worth $346 million to the winner

London clubs Brentford and Fulham will contest what's been dubbed the world's most valuable football match on Tuesday as they battle it out in the Championship play-off final.

Singapore's top banks are reporting earnings this week. Here's what to expect

The three largest Singapore-listed banks are expected to report another quarter of lackluster financial results due to the coronavirus pandemic and ultra-low interest rates globally.

Square surges after reporting 64% jump in revenue, more customers using Cash App

Shares of Square soared on Tuesday evening after posting better-than-expected quarterly results and strong growth in its consumer payments app.

Dear God, Help Me, I'm Trying to Get 10,000 Digital Han Solo Cards

Being quarantined has led many of us to do stupid, useless things. And yet, I dare you to beat the stupid, useless, ridiculously geeky thing I’m currently doing.Read more...

Zombie Stories Are Going to Have to Change

At the core of every book, video game, television series, or movie involving a zombie apocalypse is an idea about humanity’s drive to consume, or how easy it would be for civilizations to crumble in the midst of an unforeseen disaster. Like, for instance, the sudden spread of a deadly virus that swept its way across…Read more...

The tablet PC market surges 26% worldwide amid the pandemic

It's an excellent time to invest in a versatile tablet, as vendors ramp up production to meet demand and retailers boost sales by offering device and data incentives.

How to make and receive phone calls through your Windows 10 PC

Learn how to direct phone calls through your Windows 10 computer--if you have an Android device.

Hospitals saw fewer heart attacks and strokes as the coronavirus pandemic struck — and nobody knows why

Did patients have fewer heart attacks and strokes in this period due to lifestyle changes stemming from the pandemic? Or did rates stay constant with more people suffering at home instead of coming into the emergency room?

What to know about Ford's incoming CEO Jim Farley

Wall Street analysts expect Farley, who's known as a passionate "car guy," to speed up the automaker's transformation efforts and potentially bring a new sense of interest in the company.